You must be minimalist! {OMG! WHY??}

"dustcatchers" on the wall

“dustcatchers” on the wall

Ha! no way! I absolutely LOVE my stuff. My little sister calls them dust catchers and “tierelantijntjes”. She is the minimalist in the family whose house could have jumped out from the pages of some fancy home magazine.

I love my bits and bobs, my rocks and gems and little statues. Beautiful shells from my travels line the many tiny shelves and display corners. My window sill is a giant shrine to the things in life that I love. my walls have many pictures and paintings and tiny shelves that should hold herbs painted in fantastically kitchy colours. And yes, dusting takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

I LOVE stuff!

I am far more selective about it now. I have to be. If I mooch around a carboot sale or a nice little charity shop and I find treasure it needs to:

  • be small enough to fit on one of my shelves
  • be so beautiful I will smile every time I see it
  • fit into my mad colour scheme (some people say I don’t have one and its chaos, they may be right!!)
  • have meaning in some way
  • have more than 1 purpose

These are the “rules” I go through when I find something. Rules are there to be broken though and if I really really love it I will break one of the other rules and bring it home.

Sometimes things will no longer fit the purpose I bought them for, sometimes they break or sometimes a friend sees something and loves it much more than I ever did and the item leaves my home making space for something else.

I don’t think living tiny means living minimalistic. I think living tiny gives you more space to be you and if chaos and stuff is what you love living tiny won’t stop you!

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