Courgette bread

fresh from the oven courgette bread

fresh from the oven courgette bread

AKA getting your kid to eat his vegetables!

The oldest twin has sensory processing disorder (SPD), for him some of this manifests in the inability to deal with textures of food. This means he is a picky eater who needs a lot of persuasion to eat most things unless they are chocolate covered.

He loves bread and would be happy with a diet that solely exists out of Marmite on toast! One day I made a courgette loaf to go with the tomato soup (that he will absolutely NOT eat) and he took a buttered slice of the breadboard. I was about to say something when somehow wisdom overcame my normal inability to keep my mouth shut and he ate the slice, said the bread was delicious and asked for another slice! He watched me slice it and noticed the green bits.

“Eew mam. Nooo. I want the delicious bread”

After some convincing he took a bit from the “gross bread with bits” and realised it was the same delicious bread. That was the start of him eating vegetables. In bread only.

Basic lazy bread recipe

  • 500 gr strong flour (white or brown. Both works)
  • aprox 300 ml hand warm water
  • pinch or 2 of salt
  • small glug of oil or knob of butter
  • tsp of instant yeast

mix all the dry ingredients and add the wet ingredients. knead it through for a minute or 2 and place it, covered in the warmest spot of the house overnight. it will increase in size by more than double so ensure that the container can contain the rising dough!

In the morning (or 6+ hours later) knock the dough back, shape it and leave it to rise for at least an hour or when it has doubled in size. peheat your oven to 200 celcius/gas 7 and cook for 45 minutes for a medium crust. an hour and 10 mins for a thick and crispy crust.

For the courgette bread!

  • 1 small courgette
  • 1 tbs of parmesan or similar cheese (nutritional yeast works well for a veggie option!)

add these ingredients just after mixing all the dry ingredients but before adding the wet ingredients. Otherwise cook it the same way!




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