Many labels apply to me and each and every one tells a little bit about me, but the complete story can only be written when they are combined in the right way.

I am a mum and a pagan and those two are probably the labels that are most powerful for me. What they mean to me shapes so much of my passions. For me they support my very strong desire to  improve this planet we live on, to improve the relationships we have as people with each other, with our ancestors, with the land we walk on, and with the food we put in our bodies.

I am passionate about whole life sustainability, community sufficiency, localising, connecting and switching of the PC and TV and seeing real people in real life who share knowledge on making real things.

I provide workshops for small groups of people to show them skills they can then take back to their own community and share. From knitting scarves to seed saving to gardening with respect for the earth, if you are even slightly interested in green issues you are likely to find a workshop or community event of interest to you.

Have a look under the offerings tab to see whats available. Because I prefer to have small groups most workshops fill up very fast. If you have a group of friends that is interested in a workshop I am happy to run it just for you, send me a message and we will see what we can arrange.

Bright Blessings,


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