Community sustainability

Community sufficiency workshop.

Community sufficiency? Whats that I can hear you think. We talk about self sufficiency but that is a myth, something that just doesn’t happen no matter how prettily we dress it up. Sure there are books about self sufficiency and blogs and people will talk about the percentage of self sufficiency they have acquired. The simple truth is that no person can do everything all the time and it isn’t something we should strive for! Humans are still herd animals with a need for human interaction to ensure we are happy and healthy

What is covered in the 2-day community sufficiency workshop?

  • Introduction to permaculture
  • Transforming existing infrastructure to an edible infrastructure
  • How to plan food growing within a community
  • Encouraging wildlife
  • How to create community from scratch
  • Communication and conflict within a community

I cram A LOT in those 2 days. I use a variety of methods to teach the materials and everything is interconnected and not linear like the above list might suggest. I expect you to dive right in an ask questions, share ideas of moments you connect with what I have told you. I expect everyone to chip in and engage with the material I put forward because only when you fully connect with something you can truly learn.

This workshop is taught over a weekend. We kick off at 10am and generally wrap it up around 4.30.

What you need if you attend this workshop:

  • Sensible clothing ! Wellies and a raincoat are advised as we will be outside a lot and this is Britain after all….
  • Pencils and paper. Pencil and sharpener and a good sized blank (no lines!) notebook
  • Food and drink. I supply tea and coffee you bring food, cup plate and cutlery 🙂

I encourage use of public transport where possible. This workshop is held at my home (address will be given after payment) which is easily accessible by stagecoach bus from Swindon. Swindon has a railway station for those coming in from slightly further away. Some camping may be available and accommodation might be found at several of the pubs in the high street a ten minute walk from my home.